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Disease State Directors:
 Asthma: Students / Teachers
 Type 1 Diabetes: Students / Teachers
 Type 2 Diabetes: Students / Teachers
 Arthritis: Students / Teachers
 Antibiotics: Students / Teachers
 Explaining about a prescription: Students / Teachers
Flash Cards: more flashcards here
 Medication: tablet, capsule, jell capsule, syrup, injection, suppository ...
 Organ Systems: lungs, heart, kidney, liver, stomach, nervous system, circulatory system ...
 Glands: thyroid, duodenal, adrenal...
 Medical Equipment: syringe, thermometer, stethoscope, scalpel, tubing...
 Patient Equipment: crutches, wheel chair, splint, brace...
 Hospital Equipment: examination table, bed pan, disinfectant
Hospital Procedures:
 Getting Patient Information: Students / Teachers
 Taking a patient's blood pressure: Students / Teachers
 Giving a shot: Students / Teachers
 Taking a blood sample: Students / Teachers
 Explaining a prescription: Students / Teachers
 Giving a patient medication: Students / Teachers
In the Hospital: 
 Fields of Study: quiz for Students
 In the Patient's Room: Students / Teachers
 Explaining About the Hospital: Students / Teachers
 Greeting the Patient: Students / Teachers
 Describing Hospital Workers: Students / Teachers
 The Nurse: Students / Teachers
 The Pharmacist: Students / Teachers
 Physical Therapy: Students / Teachers
 Radiology: Students / Teachers
I am a US licensed pharmacist.  I have worked at Yale New Haven Medical Center, Hartford Hospital and retail pharmacies. I live abroad and have been teaching English as a foreign language since 1999. I currently teach medical English classes at a nursing college in Japan. These resources were designed for my students but are posted here free for all to use. They can be used as

teaching materials for doctors, nurses, physical therapists, radiologists, physician assistants, pharmacists

, and more. I hope you find them stimulating and useful.

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