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In the hospital

Key vocabulary associated with the

hospital ward worksheets

a burn, a sprain, itchy eyes, a backache, a broken arm, a runny nose, a cut, a bruise, a stuffy nose, a fracture, a headache, an infection, medical wards and hospital departments: cardiology, radiology, ophthalmology, pediatrics ...

The in the hospital worksheet to print.

Part one of this

hospital explanation worksheet

  has a 

hospital ward introduction dialogue

. There is a sample hospital layout at the bottom of the page with the key vocabulary.

- Do the

introductory dialogue

  in pairs or small groups.

- Go over the language and vocabulary on the second page.  Then have the students practice the dialogue together substituting in the new terms.

- The third page helps students to explain about the hospital wards.

- Have them do the brainstorming activity and then review the two ways to describe a hospital ward or hospital department.

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