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is a disease of the that is that is characterized by tightening of the air pathways. Common symptoms of asthma are wheezing, shortness of , coughing, chest pain, tightness or pressure. Many of these conditions are reversible with medication but not 100% reversible in all patients. Some common of asthma are inflammation, airway obstruction and airway sensitivity. Some for asthma are a family history of asthma, regular lung infections, presence of allergies, exposure to tobacco smoke, low birth weight, and being male.

The current rise in asthma cases among is alarming. Asthma may occur at age but is very common in children. Approximately 10% of children have asthma and that rate may rise in the future. Experts don’t agree why the rate is increasing but here are some ideas:
- Children are being exposed to more (things that bring on asthma attacks; dust, tobacco smoke, pollution)
- Children don’t have strong (they aren’t exposed to many childhood diseases.)
- Decreases in the rates of breast feeding may also play a role.

Asthma is a disease that causes many for the patient. However, it can be controlled. With the right information and medical attention, medical professionals can prevent many deaths.